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"Mutiara" 2011(Grade 5/5+)

"Mutiara" 2011(Grade 5/5+)


Duration: 12'
"Mutiara", which translates to "pearl" is inspired by a day long hike i made through the Maylasian rainforest in the summer of 2010. Throughout my time in the country, I was struck by it's natural beauty, extending from it's exotic rainforests to its oceans blessed with a bounty of peals.  Maylasia's landscape is reflected throughout this evocative twelve minute piece in it's frequently changing time signatures and orchestral colors.
The product of a year of steady work, this piece is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Gerald Loren Welker who was my Wind Ensemble director and friend at The University of Alabama. He was a new music advocate who loved mixed meter. (Notes by Bridget Best)


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